Frequently Asked Questions

Felcana Go

In the box you can find:

1 x Helix
1 x Helix strap
1 x Charging hub
1 x USB charging cable
1 x User manual

Place the Helix on the charging hub. The light will flash when it’s charging (a flat battery will take around 3 hours to fully charge). Once fully charged, remove the Helix from the charging hub. If you want to check your pet’s activity levels are accurate and up-to-date, you can sync the device by pulling the screen down with your finger on the screen.

To attach the Helix to a collar or harness, you will need the Helix, Helix strap, user manual and some scissors. Using the diagram in the user manual, measure the width of the collar or harness and trim the Helix strap to the appropriate length. Thread the Helix strap through the back of the Helix and pull to secure. Finally, wrap the Helix strap around the collar or harness tightly. You can readjust if needed!

Yes! The Helix and Helix strap are durable and waterproof, with an IP67 rating. This means the Helix can be submerged to one metre depths for up to 30 minutes.

We don't currently offer developer APIs. This is something we might explore in the future, but it is not currently part of our roadmap.

Absolutely no monthly fees!

Our Refund Policy lasts fourteen (14) days. If at any time within 14 days of purchasing your Felcana Kit you are not completely satisfied, you may return it to us for a refund. This guarantee applies only to orders made through Felcana’s webstore and only to fees paid for Felcana devices. The guarantee does not apply to funds paid for any used subscription to Felcana services. To request a refund for your device, simply contact Felcana at with your order number within 14 days of your purchase day to request a full refund.

We do not currently offer GPS tracking, as the technology to do this on pets is very poor. Current GPS offerings in the market are inaccurate, expensive, large in size, and have poor battery life; that’s not the type of product we want to sell to our customers. GPS works well in cars, as they come with a built-in power source and plenty of space, but it doesn't yet scale down that well. We hope to offer GPS in the future, when the technology is better.

We back your purchase with a friendly one-year product warranty. If your unit is defective, please get in touch immediately at and we’ll be happy to help. Click here for more information.

Unfortunately the Helix is unable to track heart rate because pets are covered in fur. In order for a device to track heart rate (like FitBit), the device must be in contact with the skin, which is difficult to do for dogs and cats in a comfortable and unobtrusive way.

Currently we do not have Android app functionality. We are working hard to get the Android app working as soon as possible and we expect to have this feature soon. Watch this space!

Felcana Go tracks the specific levels of your dog or cat’s activity and works out what your pet is doing (i.e. whether it is running, walking, trotting etc). This helps you as a pet owner to understand what is normal for your pet so that you can spot and act on any changes as quickly as possible. Felcana Go also tracks your dog or cat’s calorie expenditure (i.e. how much energy your pet has burned during daily activities) – this is helpful for weight management and ultimately disease prevention.

Felcana Go works in any country,  but currently it only supports the English language.

Felcana Serenity

More details coming soon!

Felcana Pro

More details coming soon!

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