Keeping pets happy and healthy.
Felcana helps pet owners to monitor their pet dog or cat’s health and fitness or uncover signs of serious illness, faster.
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Felcana Go activity monitor

Felcana Go is a smart activity tracker which enables pet owners to monitor their pet’s health and fitness, and uncover signs of serious illness, faster.

Keep in sync with your pet

Felcana Go is the most accurate and insightful, activity tracker available to buy for dogs and cats. It’s also the most lightweight and durable product of its kind.

Simply attach the tracker to your pet’s collar, download the Felcana mobile app and you’re ready to go! ​

Monitor your pet’s health.
With Felcana Go, you can set targets to watch your Labrador’s weight. Track calories burned on walkies with your Westie. Or monitor your tabby’s recovery from surgery, with personalised insights from Felcana Go displayed in real-time, in the Felcana mobile app.

Share these insights with your vet, so they can make recommendations on treatment for existing health problems, or uncover potential illnesses faster.

Save on potentially costly vet fees from late diagnoses, and keep your pet fit and active for longer. ​

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“Love the discreet design with its modern look and flashing light”

“Felcana is the coolest activity tracker I’ve used. It answers all my questions and really makes me feel like I’m taking care of my kitty even when I’m not around.”

“It’s a great product and very resilient”