Technology for pet owners,
built by vets.
Felcana Go is trusted by thousands of pet owners, worldwide. Its clinical-grade software is transforming pet healthcare, by enabling pet owners to monitor their pet’s behaviours and uncover serious health conditions, faster.​
Felcana Go has been built by a team of qualified vets to ensure it can operate with speed and precision; connecting pet owners more closely to their pets’ everyday health and wellbeing.
Monitor your pet
throughout the day.
Felcana Go is the most accurate and insightful, activity tracker available for both dogs and cats. It’s also the most lightweight and durable product of its kind. ​
Get started quickly: ​
  • Attach the tracker to your pet’s collar​
  • Download the Felcana mobile app ​
  • View your pet’s calorie intake, steps, and eating
    habits in real-time ​
Share this information
with your vet.
Insights generated from Felcana Go can help vets to uncover potential health conditions. Or it can help them to make tailored recommendations on existing courses of treatment.
Loved by hundreds
of pets worldwide.