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Katie Reberg
Felcana Customer
“I love Felcana and their products because I'm able to collect reliable data to make better pet parenting decisions.”
Anna Zienkovicz, UK
“Felcana Go is a great device and gives useful insights from walks with Buzz. I love the helix design with its modern look and flashing light.”
Charlie Osman, UK
“I recommend Felcana Go! It looks great and is easy to navigate, helping me to keep my dachshund fit and healthy.”
Angus Cameron, UK
“Felcana Go works like a charm and helps me to keep track of Casper’s walks and general daily activity. As a pet owner, it’s great to have these insights so I can keep Casper in the best shape possible for his age.”
Heather Cook, UK
“We love using Felcana Go! It works perfectly and helps me keep in sync with my retriever, Iris. I can monitor her movements both at home and in the park and the flashing light is great for nighttime walks as well.”
Mina Raval, UK
“I’ve really enjoyed using Felcana Go, and it’s interesting to see how active my dog is on a daily basis, at home and when we’re out. It’s a great way to keep tabs on diet and exercise.”
Eliana Carman, UK
“Felcana Go is a must-have for dog owners! The device easily attaches to my pet’s collar and syncs to the mobile app, so I can understand how active my dog Duchess really is on a daily basis.”
Adam Thompson, UK
“… I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend that kind of money on an activity monitor. But my pup was pretty naughty and still getting used to staying home alone, so I decided to give it a try and return it if it didn’t work. I’m glad I did because it really helped. Turns out separation anxiety is a real thing and Jerry wasn’t chewing on my shoes just because he was bored. We asked the vet about it, she gave us some great advice and I’ve noticed that Jerry has since started sleeping more and chewing less when we’re not at home.”
Melinda Jones, UK
“…Felcana is the coolest activity tracker I’ve used. It answers all my questions and really makes me feel like I’m taking care of my kitty even when I’m not around.”
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