The digital
veterinary clinic
for dogs and cats

The Felcana Symptom Checker rapidly and accurately assesses pets for health issues. And our Felcana Go pet wearables provide 24/7 monitoring.

Ask our Symptom Checker

Comprehensive and convenient. Pet health advice and insights.

With our remote monitoring devices, Felcana is delivering digital pet care. Created by vets and product designers, our technology provides direct and immediate access to veterinary advice. Complete care: expert, convenient, simple, and accessible.

Felcana go
Felcana go

Our proven wearable health and activity monitor for cats and dogs. Advanced sensor and digital technologies combine to form a better understanding of your pet.

A pet tracker that gives vets richer insights into your pet’s real life. Save time. Save money.

Light. Waterproof. Rugged. Rechargeable.

Felcana Symptom Checker

Felcana Symptom Checker

Invented and developed by vets to detect pet health issues and highlight veterinary needs.

24/7. When you need it. Where you need it.

Data creates a complete pet behaviour profile for quick and accurate diagnoses.

Quick. Efficient. Reassuring.

What pet owners are saying about Felcana

REVIEW Sam and Ted "Felcana Go is tough, and more than a match for Ted's exuberance and boudless energy. And when the night draw in, the light is very handly too."
REVIEW Jill and Tough "Felcana Go looks good and is light enough for Tough to happily wear it! We did our research, and it gives us cat insights and health data that no other tracker does."
REVIEW Mina and Chewie "I've really enjoyed using Felcana Go. It's interesting to see how active Chewie is on a daily basis. It's a great way to keep tabs on his diet and exercise."

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