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What we do


Data collection

Felcana continuously gathers clinical-grade data about your dog or cat. This means we can check on your pet anytime, from anywhere! 


Statistical analysis

We're using artificial intelligence to interpret your pet's specific traits. This helps you and your vet to identify early signs of health problems that are otherwise unidentifiable.


Coherent insights

Our app alerts owners to abnormal behaviour and potential health risks to give you personalised insights about your dog or cat. You can then share these with your vet!

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Felcana will revolutionise the way you look after your pet’s health.

Controlled via a mobile app, Felcana tracks and monitors the activity and behaviour patterns of dogs and cats. We help you understand what is ‘normal’ for your pet, and identify early signs of health issues that would otherwise be too subtle to notice. We know how important your pets are to you, and that’s why we’re building a future of intelligent pet care.

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Felcana Go

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Statistical Analysis

Scientific standards

Coherent insights

Our app gives you...

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Veterinary excellence & predictive care

A unique combination of artificial intelligence, data science and veterinary expertise.
We’re giving owners, vets and insurers what they need to predict, simplify and treat potential health issues. 

Owners, insurers, vets and pets all benefit from an integrated platform. 

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Our technology helps spot potential health issues earlier, so you can respond to your pet’s needs sooner and get your vet involved at the right time.

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By helping you better understand your pet, Felcana answers your concerns and prevents unnecessary trips to the vet. This frees up their time and resources for the animals that really need it - and saves you money in unnecessary bills.

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By identifying illness sooner, Felcana can help keep your pet healthy and your insurance premiums down. Improved prognoses mean cheaper care and more personalised policies.

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