Our free-to-use online Felcana Symptom Checker made just for your pet

Fast and accurate symptom checks.
Get advice on what to do next when your pet is unwell.

Ask our Symptom Checker

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Felcana is on your phone, accessible whenever and wherever you want. Track your pet’s activities and if you’ve health issue concerns, use the Felcana Symptom Checker – anytime, anywhere.

Get an immediate answer. Simple. Quick. Convenient.

If it is an emergency, Felcana Symptom Checker helps you find the nearest vets.

How does it work?

Here is a breakdown of how to use our Symptom Checker in four simple steps.

Emergency triage
First and most importantly, determine if your pet is in an emergency situation.
Create pet profile
We need to know your pet’s breed, age, sex, and neuter status to give tailored advice.
Answer questions
Questions about your pet’s condition help us narrow down the potential problem.
Get triage advice
The information given will be analysed to determine next steps.

Tailored advice,
for you and your pet

Your pet is unique. The Felcana Symptom Checker helps you determine whether veterinary care is required.

Felcana Go tracks and stores data of your pet’s individual activity, which you may not always observe.

The Felcana Symptom Checker is a quick and convenient first step in resolving pet health issues.

Always available. 24/7.

Tailored advice,
for you and your pet

Benefits for you, your pet and your vet

  • Pre-programmed questions lead to an accurate and reliable assessment
  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Helps reduce overall costs and unnecessary veterinary clinic visits
  • Early recognition of potential health issues
  • Less stress for your pet
  • Early recognition of emergency veterinary care needs
  • Comprehensive and accurate symptom synopsis helps with early diagnosis
  • Tracking data creates a detailed pet health profile

Alleviate your worries with the Felcana Symptom Checker

The Felcana Symptom Checker is on your phone. Available 24/7. When a need arises, you have answers.

Hear what Felcana technology owners have to say:

“Dexter is usually lively and energetic, so it was a surprise to find him curled up and sad one morning. The Felcana Symptom Checker suggested urgent veterinary care and it saved his life. He’d swallowed a peach pit!”
“The Felcana Symptom Checker prompted us to take Sammie to the vet – she was losing weight, despite eating well. She had early-stage diabetes. The Felcana app has been the perfect tool as we’ve monitored her recovery.”
“We adopted an older dog, Margot, later discovering she has a heart condition. Felcana’s technology has reassured us on many occasions. We can track and act if needed, but we no longer have that always-on anxiety.”
“Gator is a real outdoor cat. Loves mousing. We couldn’t work out why he was so hungry all the time. We brought him to the vet after using your symptom checker and he was diagnosed with tapeworms. All fixed now thanks to the vet and Felcana.”

We always want to improve our products

If you have any suggestions for how we can improve Felcana Symptom Checker – for you, your pet and your vet – please get in touch via the box below.