Keep in sync with your pet
using Felcana Go

Activity monitor for dogs and cats to keep pets feeling their best.

Track your pet’s movements more precisely to keep them fit and healthy.

Access these insights whenever you need to, via the Felcana mobile app.


How does your pet feel today?

It can be easy to underestimate walk times, overestimate meal sizes and miss unusual patterns in behaviour. Use Felcana Go to track your pet's activity to keep them in the best shape possible for their age, weight and breed. Be the first to know when something is wrong.


Share insights with your vet

Felcana Go generates reliable insights that you can share with your vet. Your vet can use this information to more effectively treat existing health concerns.


Diagnose disease faster

Data from Felcana Go can help vets to catch pet health problems earlier and uncover subtle signs of disease that may otherwise be missed.
Certain activity trends can signify the early onset of disease.
Pets can't speak for themselves, and underlying health conditions can be hard to spot without the right information. Felcana Go generates clinical insights and activity trends that vets can refer to, to diagnose up to 90% of diseases in dogs and cats.
Dr James Andrews
Felcana Go App Graph Pet Pain
On average half of pets are overweight! This common problem can contribute to a whole range of diseases. Felcana Go not only helps owners with pet weight loss with its advanced weight tracker, it's also a great tool for keeping pets at their ideal weight, with daily personalised activity and calorie goals.
Dr James Andrews
Felcana Go App Graph Dog Weight
Is your pet itchy? Many pets can be uncomfortable and restless throughout the night when they have a skin condition, waking up to scratch or walk around. Periods of rest are shorter and sleep can be lower quality. Felcana Go can help you track the discomfort of your pet when they are itchy with its detailed 24 hour activity graphs.
Dr James Andrews
Felcana Go App Graph Pet Scratching


Everyday healthcare

Founded by vets, Felcana Go is fast becoming the go-to pet health and activity monitor of choice for pet owners worldwide.

Suitable for all breeds, its range of features and multi-award-winning design will help your pet look and feel their best.

Integrated light
battery life
Bluetooth 5.0
24/7 activity monitor


Your pet's data,
all in one place

Felcana Go syncs to the Felcana mobile app, so you can check up on your pet, whenever and wherever you need to.