Bring Your Dog To Work Day! Five ways we can do more for our dogs  

Friday 21st June is Bring Your Dog To Work Day and to celebrate, we’re offering 30% off our premium dog activity tracker, Felcana Go, with the voucher code 'OFFICEDOGS30(valid until 10th of July). And, as well as being an official sponsor of the initiative, we’re also donating a portion of the sales to the charities affiliated with the day. Woof!   


Here at Felcana, every day is a bring-your-dog-to-work-day, and we love having our furry friends join us in the office. Dogs give us so much, and we all like to think we’re giving our pups as much love and attention as we can, but how can we become even better ‘pet parents’?  


  1. Get social: Taking the time to properly socialise puppies in their first six months, will instill good lifetime habits and ensure they’ll be confident when meeting new faces. Rescue dogs may also need extra encouragement to get readjusted to open spaces and new environments.
  1. Time for walkies! It may seem obvious, but dogs love to be walked and it’s important for them to stretch their legs for at least 20 minutes, twice a day. This varies depending on the age, weight and breed of the dog, so consult a vet for advice.


Use Felcana Go to get better insights into your dog’s walks. The tracker syncs to the Felcana app so you can monitor your pet’s calorie expenditure, activity and rest. You can also set personalised goals to keep track of your dog’s weight and agility.


  1. Protect their pearly whites: In the same way that we clean our teeth daily, we should also pay attention to our dog’s teeth. In fact, dental disease and toothache often has the biggest impact on a dog’s quality of life.​ Pets should get used to having their teeth brushed from an early age, and feeding dogs good quality, dry kibble can help to rub away plaque.​ Vets also offer dental services such as scaling and polishing, which is advisable at least twice in a dog’s lifetime.
  1. Pampering our pooches: Dogs can’t do it for themselves and regular grooming is so important to keep pets smelling good and free of fleas. Most dogs will need their coat brushed at least once a week – and those with long, or curly coats, such as cockapoos or sheepdogs, will need much more than that. Dogs should only be bathed with dog shampoos (as human shampoos can cause irritation), and only when necessary. Again, this varies by breed, so consult a vet for advice.         
  1. Did you know that…It’s actually a legal requirement for dogs to wear a collar with their owner’s name and address, as well as being microchipped, when out in public. Take this precaution to ensure pets can always find their way home – and to avoid a potential fine!