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Felcana Go Is Now Available In Leading Department Stores Across Europe

You can now find our product in stores Europe-wide!
Felcana Go is now available in Smartech, Selfridges and other premium department stores in Europe  

We're delighted to announce the availability of our multi-award-winning pet activity monitor, Felcana Go, in major department stores across Europe. Felcana Go is available in select Smartech stores, the experience-led retailer, including Selfridges (London), Printemps (Paris), and KaDeWe (Berlin).

Manage pet health with Felcana Go

Designed by vets, Felcana Go is fast becoming the go-to pet health and activity monitor of choice for pet owners worldwide. Suitable for dogs and cats, Felcana Go syncs to the Felcana mobile app so pet owners can monitor their pet’s behaviours at the touch of a button. As well as daily activity tracking, Felcana Go is an effective way to monitor a pet’s recovery after surgery or a recent illness. Suitable for all breeds, its stylish, multi-award-winning design ensures pets will stand out from the crowd. 

James Andrews, founder and CEO of Felcana comments, “We’re delighted that pet owners can now buy Felcana Go in Smartech. Using Felcana Go is an easy way to keep pets fit and active. And, on a deeper level, it generates highly accurate insights that pet owners can share with their vet. Vets can use this information to keep pets in the best shape possible and to catch pet health problems earlier. Felcana Go has users in over 30 countries and we’re excited for even more pets and pet owners to join the Felcana community, and to reap the health benefits provided by Felcana Go.”

Nathalie Bernce at Smartech comments, “We partner with select innovation brands to offer customers a premium shopping experience, where they can discover and try products they’ve never seen before and won’t find anywhere else. The sophisticated nature of Felcana Go’s underlying software makes it a highly versatile and intuitive device. We’re confident that it will make an excellent addition to our collection.”    

Use Felcana Go to monitor:

  • Calorie expenditure, activity and rest patterns
  • Activity when pets are home alone
  • A pet’s recovery after surgery or a recent illness

Other features:

  • Track pet activity 24/7: Felcana Go is always 'on' so pet owners have the information they need, when they need it
  • Set targets: Track a pet’s rest and activity against personalised goals
  • Built-in bright light: Switch it on using the Felcana app. Its bright LED light is perfect for evening walks

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