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Making The Most Of Your Vet Appointment

If you've ever felt a little unsure on what to discuss with your vet, this blog can help build your confidence prior to your next...

Whatever reason you’re taking your pet to the vet, you’ll want to get the most you can out of your appointment. So, prepare beforehand and arrive in plenty of time. Vets see a lot of animals in one day and run on a very tight schedule so they may not be able to accommodate late arrivals. 

Before you get there  

Make sure your pet is comfortable on the journey, and you can bring a blanket that smells like home to reduce the anxiety they may feel when being in an unfamiliar environment.  

You may need to bring certain documents, such as vaccine cards, depending on the reason for the appointment. Call your vet to check if there is anything you need to take before you get there.  

What information will the vet ask for? 

Consider what you want to discuss during the appointment. Read our other blogs which provide some of the typical questions vets may ask, depending on your pet’s symptoms. 

Arriving at the vets 

When you arrive, you’ll need to check in at reception and then find a seat in the waiting room. There may be lots of other animals and smells, which can be overwhelming for your pet. So, keep them close to you, with either a lead you can keep a firm hold of or in a carrier if they are small.  

The appointment 

Your vet will call you into their consult room and introduce themselves. The vet will start by confirming the reason for the appointment, and if it’s your first time at the practice. They will ask questions regarding age, sex, housing etc, to gather a well-rounded picture of your pet. They will then do a full body examination, paying attention to any area you have concern over.  

If you’ve brought your pet in with a symptom you are worried about, then your vet will ask you a series of questions, so they can recommend the best course of treatment.  

Preparing for your next appointment  

If you want to keep better track of your pet’s health and provide valuable information to your vet the next time you see them, try using pet activity monitor, Felcana Go.  

Felcana Go is a lightweight device that works by attaching to your pet’s collar and syncing to the Felcana mobile app. It monitors a pet’s calorie expenditure, activity and rest patterns so pet owners can more precisely track their pet’s movements to keep them fit and healthy.  

Felcana Go is an effective way to monitor a pet’s recovery after surgery or a recent illness. Pet owners can share insights generated by Felcana Go with their vet, so they can uncover subtle signs of illness that might otherwise be missed and recommend targeted treatment plans for existing health conditions.  

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