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Felcana’s Go activity monitor helps keep cats and dogs at their best. Safe and well.

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Invented by vets. Engineered for pets.

A pet health and activity monitor that keeps pets fit and healthy. Felcana’s Go tracks pet movement with precision. Paired with our free-to-use Felcana app, it generates activity, rest pattern and calories burn insights.

Activity, calories and rest
Closely monitor your petʼs activity – at home, in the garden and on-the-go. Review trends and spot unusual behaviours.
Fitness and weight progress
Set personalised walk time and weight loss goals.
Recovery after surgery or illness
Monitoring activity and sleeping habits to track rehabilitation.

Everyday healthcare monitoring

Invented by vets, Felcana’s Go is fast becoming the world’s go-to pet health and activity monitor. Perfect for cats and dogs – all breeds and sizes – Go’s features and award-winning design help pets feel and look their best

Integrated light
14-day battery life
Bluetooth 5.0
24/7 activity monitor

Benefits for your pets

Benefits for your pets

It is easy to underestimate walk times and overestimate meal sizes. And it’s easy to miss unusual patterns in behaviour too.

Felcana’s Go tracks pet activity, keeping them in the best possible shape, regardless of age, weight, and breed.

Be the first to know when something isn’t right.

  • Track your pet’s daily activity routine
  • Monitor your pet’s daily calorie consumption
  • Record thirst patterns

Ready to use Felcana’s Go?

We will get you up and running in four simple steps.

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Download our app
While waiting for your Felcana go, download our free app and create a pet profile for your pet.
Attach the device
Felcana Go attaches easily to your pet’s collar. Ready to go. No subscription needed.
Felcana Go comes with global warranty and free in-app support. 30-day no quibble trial.

Felcana mobile app

Our technology is developed by Felcana’s team of vets and data scientists to serve the needs of pets – and their owners. We gather robust data you can trust, and insights vets can apply to keep pets happy and healthy.

Our mobile app keeps you connected with your pet, so you can track their movements, wherever you are. Access pet health and activity insights straight from your phone.

What we track

The award-winning Felcana Go tracks and records your pet’s daily routines. Felcana’s Go tells you what your pet can’t.


Your pets are in safe hands with you and Felcana

With Felcana Go, you will be the first to know if something in your pet’s daily activity routine changes.

Joint disease
“Pets can’t speak for themselves, and underlying health conditions can be hard to spot without the right information. Felcana’s Go generates clinical insights and activity trends that vets can refer to, which can help diagnose 90% of diseases in dogs and cats.”
Dr James Andrews
On average half of pets are overweight! This common problem can contribute to a whole range of diseases. Felcana’s Go not only helps owners with pet weight loss with its advanced weight tracker, but it’s also a great tool for keeping pets at their ideal weight, with daily personalised activity and calorie goals.
Dr James Andrews
Skin disease
Is your pet itchy? Many pets can be uncomfortable and restless throughout the night when they have a skin condition, waking up to scratch or walk around. Periods of rest are shorter and sleep can be lower quality. Using its detailed 24-hour activity graphs, Felcana’s Go can help you track any discomfort your pet may have when it is itchy.
Dr James Andrews

Here’s what our customers think

Founded by vets, Felcana’s Go is fast becoming the go-to pet health and activity monitor of choice for pet owners worldwide. Suitable for all breeds, its range of features and multi-award-winning design will help your pet look and feel their best.

REVIEW Sam and Ted "Felcana’s Go is tough, and more than a match for Ted’s exuberance and boundless energy. And when the night draws in, the light is very handy too.”
REVIEW Jill and Tough "Felcana’s Go looks good and is light enough for Tough to happily wear it! We did our research, and it gives us cat insights and health data that no other tracker does."
REVIEW Mina and Chewie "I’ve really enjoyed using Felcana’s Go. It’s interesting to see how active Chewie is on a daily basis. It’s a great way to keep tabs on his diet and exercise."